Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Well, it's done.  I'd like to thank my wife, children, the academy, my mom...  Count me among those who are a winning player at 100NL.  A combination of running good and playing even better has allowed me to overcome what I felt like was an insurmountable deficit of 12 buy ins at that level prior to the beginning of the month.  Tonight marks the completion of the final step in the journey to become a true poker degenerate :-).  Of note, not only did I overcome the remaining $-57 from yesterday's 100NL session, but I smashed today's session with a 4.5 buy in win.  I am marginal (1.75 PTBB/100) winning 100NL reg, which I expect will continue to increase over time.

All told, I think the biggest difference in my play from a month or so ago and now is that I have concentrated on my blue line, otherwise known as "Won money at Showdown, W$SD."  Prior to this month, I have never had a positive blue line - let alone a break-even blue line.  In fact, it has always been a linear downward slope - in direct contrast to my red line, otherwise known as "Won money without Showdown."  It's nice to look at my monthly graph and see both lines converge towards similar points - with my blue line, in fact, overcoming my red line!  To be honest, being the aggressive player I am, I never thought I'd see the day.  I can't credit all of it to spectacular play, though; I've been getting hit by the deck, my hands are holding when I'm all in, and I'm table selecting like a fiend.  I am making a point to work on note taking, so I am slowly marking all of the decent / good regulars, which leaves the non-noted and noted "green / fish" players as my targets for tables.  Finally, I've reduced my tables to 6-7 instead of the usual 9.  I'm having more time to make solid decisions and less pressure to act quickly.  All of the above amounts to a win rate of nearly 9PTBB/100 - ~16 buy ins for the month so far.

An excerpt from my PTR page, winnings & win rate by stake

Going forward, the only thing I would like to change is time.  I'd like to be able to eventually spend more time at the virtual felt to see if I can truly make a consistent coin at this game.  I'm just shy of 23 hours in 13 days, with 9100 hands completed.  9100 hands is what some regs do in a single day!  I've been looking at the top grinder board on PTR - the top regs at 100NL earn $10K+ per month!  I need to get back on track and pump up the volume.  I need to quit my day job.

I leave you with my September graph thus far:

Disturbing for me to look at.  Quite a turnaround.
Sorry for the brag; I'm proud of the fact that I'm no longer a losing 100NL player.  Go me!


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