Monday, September 27, 2010

What would you do? #187 - Fairly deep against a maniac

Full Tilt Poker $0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players
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Hero (BB): $168.60
UTG: $100.00
UTG+1: $147.05
UTG+2: $97.30
MP1: $45.90
MP2: $257.15
CO: $32.50
BTN: $59.80
SB: $176.25 - VPIP: 43, PFR: 41, 3B: 43, AF: 1.6, Hands: 44

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is BB with Ad Qd
7 folds, SB raises to $3, Hero raises to $10, SB raises to $25, Hero calls $15
Any chance of folding here?

Flop: ($50.00) 6h 6d Ah (2 players)
SB bets $28, Hero calls $28
What about his lead here?  Any chance?  If you call the flop, do you call the turn and the inevitable river shove?

Turn: ($106.00) 5d (2 players)
SB requests TIME, SB bets $46.50, Hero calls $46.50

River: ($199.00) 2c (2 players)
SB bets $76.75 all in, Hero ???
Without looking at the results, good or badly played hand?

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I'm thinking raising is pulling him off of all of his bluffs, though I have not seen *THIS* level of aggression out of him.  Stacking off 170BBs?  On a bluff?  Duly noted, sir.  This hand made my nut for the night.
Hero calls $69.10 all in

Final Pot: $337.20
Hero shows Ad Qd (two pair, Aces and Sixes)
SB shows 9s 5s (two pair, Sixes and Fives)
Hero wins $334.20
(Rake: $3.00)


  1. nice hand. When someone plays that wide and represents that they've smacked the board hard every time - you eventually have to take a stand with a top pair type hand and call them down. It's not always fun and can be high variance.

    I might have 3bet this flop, for value (assuming he's calling with worse). If he wants to get it in pre, I'm fine with that also with AQ. Again, high variance, but otherwise you're letting them run over the table. Sometimes taking a stand, even if you lose, slows them down a bit. Kind of like punching the schoolyard bully in the nose.

  2. I have not looked at the results but I'm not folding TP2K against a 43/41. Sure I'll get stacked some but against this much of a spew we just have to pick some spots and go with them.

  3. I had the exact same situation happen to me yesterday. Villian stacked off with 88 on Q high board after 4 betting me oop from the sb and me in bb. Mmine was easier because I had QQ.
    I think his turn time back is also a tell. He could not be worried about how a 5 impacts you so he is deciding to continue betting or giving up. You are only beat by AA and AK really. Why would AA even lead this flop. My would AK for that matter.
    I think you just call down and if he has you this time, "Thats why we have rolls"


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