Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello Australia... or should I say "Cheers!"

I would like to give a quick shout out to those readers, who are more numerous than "ONE," coming to this blog from the land down under!  Apparently I have 34 readers coming to visit me... reading about my daily donkishness to see how badly I can botch a hand.  To those whose toilets flush counter-clockwise, I say "Cheers!"

Thanks for coming to visit, mates.  I truly do hope you are entertained by my lunacy poker genius.

Location map of my 30+ Aussie visitors, courtesy of Google Analytics


  1. Impressive statistics. I love checking this out for my site - have any random or weird locations?

  2. I have Moscow & Kursk (Russian Federation), 2 hits from northern Turkey, many hits from Indonesia, Phillipines, Asia minor... Just weird places all around...


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