Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick shout out to PushMonkey for the VeryJosie bounty

I played in Bam Bam & Amir's "PokerWit vs. Bam Bloggers" (linked for appreciation of the $200 overlay PokerWit added to the prize pool) tournament on Monday.  A few hands into the tournament, PushMonkey offered a bounty to knock out VeryJosie - 5 smackers!  I love a challenge (would have done it for a simple link from a blog, in fact) and was successful in getting Josie into a coin flip situation (my AJs vs. her pair of 10's) - for Josie's tournament life.  An Ace (I think) in the window sealed the deal and sent Josie to the rail.  It's the second time I've knocked out Josie, FWIW (first time was in her inaugural tournament, the Very Josie, which I will likely play again tonight - knocking her out twice in 3 days should be pretty cool).

Thank you, PushMonkey, for covering my buy in for the tournament.  Very cool!  Congratulations to the Danks for Joanne's takedown, BTW.  I was rooting for either she or Buddy (as I understand it, who took 3rd) as my second picks to Memphis Mojo to take down the thing.

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  1. Thanks for your vote of confidence and thanks for the link!

    See ya tonight if you play.


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