Sunday, November 1, 2009

An up & down (and up) month... October [thankfully] comes to a close

This month was anything but typical. It seems I never could shake a bout of bad luck and bad play. The bad luck would drive me to make more river calls than I normally would - not believing that my bad luck 2 / 4 / 6 outters on the river had actually hit... only to verify that they actually did happen. One circumstance definitely drove the other - I got sucked out on continually, but compounded the error by calling.

At any rate, there is some silver lining to the rain cloud of October. I made Iron Man status in the Iron Man challenge / bonus. This is an achievement on multiple counts:
  1. I am eligible for $100 in the mid year bonus.
  2. I can convert medals to dollars.
  3. All of the poker played allowed me to qualify for free CardRunners training through and
I also turned around a losing month on the last day of the month - I had a nice $185 day today (which is hard to see from the graph).
Online poker profits: $27.16
Live poker profits: $0.00
Rakeback bonus profits: $319.46
Full Tilt bonus profits: $50.00 (Take 2 bonus paid October 1)
Total: $396.62
A quick rundown of my stats: 32K hands played in 88 hours for a win rate of 0.19 BB/100 (PT3 BBs) - my dollar / hour average was non-existent at a paltry $0.31. My hold'em All In Luck calculator says that since the beginning of the month, I've run $-519, which says that I've overcome my negative expected value in all in situations. Due to my nice recent run, though, if the end of the month is an indicator of things to come, I feel good about November. Good luck me!

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