Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The plan to $100NL

My bankroll continues to grow and I feel like I am beginning to dominate $50NL. I have approximately 50K hands in the $50NL level, and would like to put in another 30K to really prove that last month was a statistical anomaly and nothing more. Therefore, I plan, by month end, to start taking shots at $100NL. I put my first "official" attempt (I secretly took a shot 3 weeks ago and played ~100 hands, getting stacked :-( ) right around mid month, if all goes well. It really depends on my bankroll at this point - I would like to have about $3-4K... With rakeback, I am well on pace to hit that amount by exactly the 15th.


  1. I don't see much different between 50 and 100. I fire up 50PL/50NL/100PL/100NL/200PL and sometimes 200NL depending on how the tables look.

    I mostly just play 50PL and 100PL and then add tables depending on how many Pot Limit tables are going.

    now there is a difference between Pot Limit and No Limit; but I haven't quite figured it out yet.

  2. Yeah - in my analysis, I noticed that I have a HUGE difference between NL & PL at the $25 level, but nothing discernable at $50.


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