Tuesday, November 17, 2009

$5 bonus from me for signup with RakeTheRake & Full Tilt

I have not yet pimped anything on this blog. Pimping and making money from this blog is not the the intent; this blog is to keep a journal of my poker career. However, the rakeback affiliate that I use offered me a deal which I cannot turn down. Therefore, commence pimpage:

Would you like to make $5 for doing what you love (playing poker)? RakeTheRake's is running a promotion offering me $10 for every new referral I get to sign up with them. I am more than happy to split that offer with you, my dear reader. Therefore, I will transfer $5 to you when you sign up with RakeTheRake / Full Tilt. Interested? Read on...

If you haven't signed up for Full Tilt yet, sign up for rakeback at RakeTheRake.com using this link FIRST, and then follow the instructions ON RakeTheRake to sign up for a Full Tilt account. If you're a frequent reader of this site, you know how important rakeback is - I've drawn $1000+ in rake paid back to me through the months, adding (at this point) over a buy-in per week to my bank roll. VERY EV+++!!!!

Since I've yet to actually get a referral, I'm not sure how it works. Therefore, I'm going to use a 30 day grace period for verification prior to the transfer of $5. Leave a comment on this blog to let me know that you've signed up.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Each qualifying referral must be NEW to RakeTheRake and sign up through the link I've provided.
  2. Each qualifying referral must generate a net rake of $10 between the date they sign up and midnight GMT 30 days after sign up.
  3. Each qualifying referral must not have an existing Full Tilt account prior to sign up.
  4. Leave a comment on this blog with your email address and account name. (I will not publish the comment to the blog.)
(Disclaimer with the link above: Using the "Sign up for rakeback at RakeTheRake.com" link enables me to receive a percentage of your rake for the simple act of referring you to their site. My cut is transparent to you; there is no net effect realized by you, thus there is no benefit to signing up through other means. If you want to read about how / why I'm doing this, there is information through RakeTheRake Refer A Friend program.)

Pertinent links for information:
Referral link to RakeTheRake
RakeTheRake FAQ
Information on the RakeTheRake Refer A Friend

Online poker rooms make their money by automatically taking a cut of the players stake money, this is called the "rake". Typically the rake is 5% of every pot, you will often see it being taken and stacked at the top of the table during a game. Playing a few hundred hands a month soon accumulates a large amount of rake, and you could be paying tens of thousands of $$$ a year in rake. Get up to 60% of your rake money back with RakeTheRake.

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