Monday, November 2, 2009

A rare home game for a little live poker

Although it's been more than month since the last live home game get-together, our area poker group got a last minute game together. We had 9 players total, 2 of whom were new to the group.

The one takeaway from the game last night is: against a player who is playing any two cards (literally; this player was in 90% of the hands, including a min-raised pot, where he held 72o), be sure to make the maniac pay dearly for his limp / calls. If you enter into a pot, be sure to raise to a healthy amount to make him pay for his potential missed flops. This player is a particularly passive player who pays no attention to position - and has no problem floating and seeing all three streets. Unfortunately, against that kind of player, I find myself checking down most rivers (if unimproved) due to the fact that I really have no idea where I stand against ATC.

Regardless, I was able to turn the $30 buy-in (.25/.50 NLHE) into $100.50 for a tidy profit.

Book the first W of the month: $70.00

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