Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheap steals

I was sitting to the right of a few OVERLY tight players and I started thinking about general poker things...

When raising nits to steal blinds, why not min raise? I started off the session with these nits by raising 3x and they were folding. I caught on quick, though, that in the off chance that they would call, I'd lose at least an extra bet. Therefore, I tried out a 2x raise (min raise). It's almost comical; I wound up stealing and stealing at a 60% clip on one table and a 50% clip on another...

I don't know how to determine my blind steal success rate with PT3; maybe someone can let me know that? However, I'd estimate my success rate to be somewhere north of 70%! Good times had by me (don't think by all :-) )


  1. Not sure either; but Holdem Manager can tell you. I'm sure you are sastified with PT3; but it may be worth looking at HM.

  2. Yeah- omgitsjoshua is planning on checking it out. It seems that most of the pros use HM; the training videos on cardrunners all feature HM. Do you know if you can import / export the existing database? Or do you need to import all of the HHs fresh?

  3. If you have the hand histories, I beleive you would want to do that so that it captures the different stats that PT doesn't have.

    I came from PT2 and I ended up just re-importing Hand Histories.

    I'm not the expert there.

    they do have a pretty good forum that gives pretty quick answers.


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