Thursday, November 26, 2009

Odds scenarios

As I was constructing the post recapping my poker education, I thought about past history and how I got where I am. I remembered back to the spreadsheets that I used to keep, detailing my wins / losses, player notes, etc. - in the years prior to Poker Tracker. I came up with odds charts, to help me with my pre-flop hand decisions and pot odds / hand equity calculations. I have 4 sheets in the online google document:
  • Pot Odds Calculator
    Helps you determine whether or not, based on the bet you face and the current pot size, if you are getting odds to make a proper call for the current street.
  • How to Figure Out Hand Equity
    A collection of articles on figuring out the equity for the hand you hold (i.e. counting outs & determining the percentage chance that you will make your hand).
  • Preflop
    The chance of running a particular hand through a flop, turn and river against a random set of X players, and ending up winning the hand.
  • Scenarios
    A basic set of scenarios for pre-flop, flop, and turn cards, and your percentage chances of making the particular hand. It is similar to the Pot Odds Calculator sheet, but more detailed.
Perhaps these spreadsheets may help one of my readers become a more educated poker player.

The spreadsheets can be accessed by this link:

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