Thursday, July 15, 2010

What would you do? #140 - Overpair facing flop check / raise shove

This is another hand from my live session in Atlantic City a few weeks ago:

Background on the LAGDONK - I had seen him *NOT* be able to lay down a pocket pair (at least JJ+) against a very obvious AA PF...  The action went something like he raised to $20, guy holding AA raised to $90 (which was about 25% of effective stacks I believe) and he flats.  Flop comes all under, I think he leads and AA guy raises all in to which LAGDONK instacalls.  Clearly, he's a "play my hand, don't think about anyone else's" type of player.  Moreover, he far overplays the value of each hand he is dealt.  He must've gone through about $800 prior to the hand involving me and appears to be steaming.

I hold JJ in MP2, facing quite a few limpers, so I put in a raise to $16, which gets BB (LAGDONK) and one other to come along.

We see a flop of 4 6 8 rainbow.

The 2 players check to me and I lead out my overpair to the safe flop for $28.  The SB raises me to all-in, effectively $160 remaining.  What would you do?

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I think this is a fairly big no-brainer.  Regardless whether I'm holding AA or anything, I'm not giving him credit for an overpair.  I think he's steaming, but I don't think he's stupid enough to check / raise all in on a pretty blank flop with 8x or the like.  I'm befuddled, though, because I can't fathom that he flopped a set and is instantly trying to get it all in.  In the end, I folded, resolving that he has no less than two pair... likely a set trying to get instantly even.  He's not a thinking player; perhaps he views me as playing in the same style as him where he called JJ to another's AA.

He actually showed his flopped set of 6's after I tanked for so long.  I didn't really need to see it though - I knew.

Edit:  Funny, this write up is timely, as Grump ran into a "similar" situation.


  1. the questions I would have to work through (if I can) are:

    1. is he capable of calling preflop with AA/KK for deception, or does he always reraise?

    2. What does he do with QQ?

    3. Does he checkraise shove a set, or does he slow down and hope to get more money from you on later streets?

    If you feel he always reraises with QQ-AA, and that this shove probably isn't a made set, then let's go with the jacks. I expect to see 55/77/99/TT.

  2. @Matt - I don't think deception is in this guy's range. I think he'll overplay any overpair or [what he considers] any monster hand.

    I think he plays QQ the same way as described with JJ in the intro. Check out for a similar, but more difficult situation.


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