Friday, July 9, 2010

Full Tilt Bullsh*t

WTF, Full Tilt?  I think it's great that you roll out software updates with frequency.  They're bettering the user experience, making the game more secure, and encouraging more players to join.  Kudos!  I think you're probably the most innovative online site out there.  However, what happened last night?

I [finally] get the kiddies to bed, fire up HEM, TableNinjaFT, and the Full Tilt client.  I wait for an update.  I finally get in, and sit down to 6 tables, using their new table search feature.  I get dealt into my first hand of the night - then poof!  Nothing works.  Kinda pissed; I probably lost my first hand of the night, losing 1BB.  I figure it's my computer, so I shut down the client and restart.  Nothing.  The little Full Tilt splash screen alternates between "connecting..." and "connected..."  Okay; maybe I need a restart of the entire computer.  Same thing.  Maybe my computer's networking has gone haywire.  Try my upstairs computer.  I don't even get an update; simply a cannot connect.  Fire off an email to tech support about how much this sucks.  Look for Full Tilt's online status, which says they're running normal and fine.  The short of it is it took nearly 2 hours for them to update their status to "Down for scheduled maintenance" which is BS!  They were down from 8:00PM until at least after I went to bed at around 12:00AM

Hey Full Tilt: How bout you credit me for the Iron Man day I missed?  How bout you give me an extra day to compete my mid year bonus?  Finally, how bout you credit me the BB I missed because your software / servers locked me out?

Is Full Tilt working now?  If I come home tonight and sit down to play, will I be able to be dealt into a hand?

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