Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just lovin' expressed weakness

Had a nice +3.5 buy in night last night.  Always nice to win money - even better when you're starting to run terribly and then you go on a decent upswing.

If you're interested in hearing what a degenerate dedicated poker player I am, the power at my house has been out since Sunday's storms hit our area.  Yeah, we're one of the homes affected by the "violent DC storms."  Don't worry; we're okay - I'm sure you all were very concerned :-).  Regardless, I'm anxious because I couldn't play online Sunday night - we had a live game (which I couldn't host due to power outages).

Why is this important?  Over at Full Tilt in the online world, we're in the middle of the mid year bonus cycle for Iron Man and I'm trying to recover the $500 that I have waiting for me in bonus money.  See, the more days I miss playing online, the deeper hole I dig for myself in getting those FPPs and releasing the bonus by the 14th of August.  I worked my way down to needing ~150 FPPs for the remaining time, but I want to get the bonus done early and out of the way.

Well, I'm such a dedicated poker player that I went out, left my wife at home (literally in the dark), and found free wifi over at the University of Maryland Shady Grove campus, and got my points in.  I'm such a bad husband - but I figured, what else are we going to do?  We're both going to just fall asleep on the couch trying to fight closing our eyes in the dark talking to each other anyway...  why not make the evening a little productive, right?

Note:  That's exactly the state I found Mrs. Meister in when I got home; asleep and dazed on the couch. 

In other news, I think live play has had the exact intended effect I hoped it would on Mrs. Meister.  The way we work things in our house is that I am the primary financial planner and she takes care of the ancillary activities like vacations, purchases, etc.  She keeps a separate account from our main bank account, so that she knows her exact budget and can plan accordingly.  To me, I couldn't care less how much is in there, because it only affects me when she plans a vacation for our family.  All I know is that there is no spending that comes out of our main account, so I'm blissfully ignorant.  Well, back when we went up to AC at the beginning of July, I made a deal with her that she could stake me the money out of her "special" accounts and I would give her any winnings I earned.  The contrary would hold true; i.e. if I lost, she'd be on the hook for the difference.  For the past few live sessions, though, she's only seen her account grow - and as a result, I think Mrs. Meister has been coming around a TON lately - she's becoming a supportive poker player's wife.  For the first time, she actually suggested that I go & play this Friday over in Delaware...  I think I got her hooked on the new income stream :-).

Anyway, I leave you with this hand.  I think it was a pretty easy hand to play, but I like the way I played it:

Full Tilt Poker $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 8 players
The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

MP1: $50.00
MP2: $86.30
CO: $16.00
BTN: $43.70
SB: $66.75 - 18/16 / 54% steal / 9.0% 3bet / 5.3 AF / 81% cbet flop / 230 hands
BB: $75.95
UTG: $48.70
Hero (UTG+1): $50.00

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is UTG+1 with 4s 4d
1 fold, Hero raises to $1.75, MP1 calls $1.75, 3 folds, SB raises to $7.50, 1 fold, Hero calls $5.75, 1 fold
With a 9% 3bet, there's no sense in 4betting with a weak hand.  However, I'm not going to let him blow me off of my hand, PF.  I think we're 50/50 here.

Flop: ($17.25) Ah 8c 2s (2 players)
SB bets $5.50, Hero calls $5.50
This is pretty standard, but a very *WEAK* bet here.  HUGE WEAKNESS!  Either he's playing weak to rep strong, or he just wreaks of weakness.

Turn: ($28.25) 5d (2 players)
SB checks, Hero checks
I'm not sure whether this is to induce a bluff bet here so he can c/r me off the hand, so I check behind.  This is altogether weird.

River: ($28.25) Kc (2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $14.75, SB requests TIME, SB folds
I think by this point, I put him on a hand that beats me, but I've played the part of "afraid of the Ace" long enough.  I want to bet to make sure that he folds and not show down a crappy small pair that beats me.

Final Pot: $28.25
Hero wins $26.85
(Rake: $1.40)


  1. Nothing stops the degenerate er, um, dedicated poker player.

  2. I like the hand except for the preflop call.


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