Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taking a break

I will continue with the posts of hand histories, but just wanted to post a quick note that I have withdrawn most of my account. For the time being, I am playing back at the 25NL level. I have been getting extremely frustrated with the 100NL games; I am tired of the suckouts and bad beats - I don't particularly enjoy the feeling of going through 10 buy in losing sessions at the hands of said beats. Therefore, as of Saturday, I withdrew the majority of my account and left myself with a comfortable bankroll for 25NL. At the rate things are going, I am going to be moving back to 50NL as soon as I restore my confidence and run better. I don't know how quickly I will get into 100NL, though. Perhaps I will stay a 50NL grinder.

To be honest, this partially coincides with the FBI action against the Full Tilt founders, partially due to the expected UIGEA June 1st enforcement, and partially due to frustration at 100NL. On the bright side of things, since I've been playing at the 25NL stakes, I've been absolutely dominating the competition while running 4 Rush tables. There is far less stress at 25NL. I know exactly what the players are doing, how to fold them out of hands, what and when to bet, etc. In addition, with Rush, I can still maintain my Iron Man status and get my hands in per day. The key, again, though, is that I'm enjoying myself.

As far as 100NL is concerned, perhaps I don't have an edge there, and need to start over again? Maybe I should pursue the coaching. I just don't feel like coaching is going to make me into a winning player without being able to dominate the 25 and 50NL competition. The truth is that I never really *DOMINATED* 50NL - a win rate of 3BB/100 is hardly domination. We'll see how it goes - and I'll post updates regularly.

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