Monday, August 2, 2010

When is a poker face not a poker face?

Somewhat embarrassed to mention this, but I got a mention on the Freakononmics blog today.  I read Poker Grump's post on Research on the Best Poker Face, and started investigating down the link chain.  I sent them an email encouraging them to check it out.  BTW, the reason I'm embarrassed is because Grump didn't get credit.  Sorry Grump.

Check out my new-found fame: 
When Is a Poker Face Not a Poker Face?

Here's what I sent Levitt:
I know that Steven Levitt is [or used to be] big into poker - online and otherwise.  I am a part-time professional player - thus I keep up on blogs and such.  I came across this study today and figured you may be interested in blogging about it:

Edit:  I guess the non-mention of Grump is okay, because Lifehacker didn't give me credit: Use a Slight Smile Instead of a Poker Face.  Just kidding; two wrongs don't make a right :-).


  1. I scored a signed copy of Freakonomics! I will be sending Poker Grump (if he would like it) my copy of Freakonmics if he doesn't already have a copy of it himself.

  2. Freakanomics is a cool book. Have you read Gang Leader For A Day?

  3. That's Sudhir Venkatesh's book. No I haven't read it - I'm still trying to get through Superfreakonomics... They recommend it on their blog though, so I'm sure it's an interesting read. I have such a backlog of reading that it's not even funny. When I go on vacation in 2 weeks, I'm definitely bringing a backpack full of books to catch up on...


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