Monday, August 9, 2010

A new blog! Bad Beats & Brags (AKA BBB)

Happy Monday everyone.  Quick update on goings-ons around here:  I started a new blog: Bad Beats & Brags: 'Cause you're rollin' in it or you're sh*tty!  The plan is to post bad beats and brags of myself and readers in an anonymous way.  From the blog:

Got a poker F* you to send to someone? Simply contact me with your worst poker beat or best poker brag. I'll decide what goes up and when. I'll certainly credit you if you'd like.

You can email me or leave a comment on this blog. In your message, include the name you'd like to be credited with (if you want to be identified or linked) and the [all important] hand history. Please make all names in the hand history anonymous, with the exception of the donkey if you want to call out the person who put the beat on you.

We're looking for weird hands, truly bad sh*t, or busting poker pros in awesome ways. Just because you got your AA cracked doesn't mean squat. But if you got your set of Aces cracked to an all in non-paired opponent on the flop with no [obvious] draws and he runner runners the winning hand, well then, now we're talking. Bust Phil Ivey in a tourney? Easy brag! Bust Phil Helmuth? Who hasn't? No brag for you!


So, readers, if you've been saving up bad beats or run goods, ship 'em in.  I'll post 'em up if they're worthy.

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