Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Poker Meister #70 - Flush over flush prevails

Full Tilt Poker $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players
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CO: $53.75
Hero (BTN): $50.00
SB: $55.35
BB: $40.00
UTG: $52.75
UTG+1: $53.65
UTG+2: $43.15
MP1: $28.05
MP2: $50.00

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is BTN with 9c Jc
2 folds, UTG+2 calls $0.50, 3 folds, Hero raises to $2.50, 2 folds, UTG+2 calls $2

Flop: ($5.75) Kc 9h 2c (2 players)
UTG+2 checks, Hero bets $4, UTG+2 calls $4

Turn: ($13.75) Kh (2 players)
UTG+2 checks, Hero checks

River: ($13.75) 6c (2 players)
UTG+2 bets $6, Hero raises to $14, UTG+2 calls $8
I'm going to find out pretty quickly whether my flush is good or if my opponent turned a boat.  By his call, he's obviously afraid of a boat...

Final Pot: $41.75
Hero shows 9c Jc (a flush, King high)
UTG+2 mucks 4c 5c
Hero wins $39.70
(Rake: $2.05)


  1. nice hand.

    question: why did you check the turn? You are still ahead (behind) all the same hands you were ahead (behind) on the flop.

    not saying that checking the turn is wrong, just wondering your reasoning.

  2. I check the turn for pot control - nothing more. I'm not looking to get a ton of money in this pot with a pair + flush draw on the turn. In addition, my check through the turn induces a bluff a lot of the time. I plan on calling a non-Ace river, FYI, but the club was gravy to make my flush.

  3. Can I ask you a really silly question: Why raise preflop? Is it solely position?

  4. And this comment is merely to get f/u comments via email.

  5. I'm going to do this challenge with Jordan...but I have to say that to hear you dissuade the SNG/MTT route would make for a nice debate between the two of us!

  6. This is a "standard" raise for me, PF. My standard for the BTN, CO is a positional raise. Moreover, I have the most powerful hand in poker, J9s.

    I *HATE* when people limp my button, CO. They need to know that I'm raising their asses when they limp on me. Sets up for interesting situations when they discover this, because [rarely - maybe 1 in a 1000] I'll get limp / 3bet and be forced to fold. But at 50nl, a raise of limpers is usually met with a check / fold on the flop to my inevitable cbet.

  7. @Edgie- I'm dissuading the SNG route. I'm dissuading the MTT route. This game is either a "get lucky and get rich quick" game, or it's a grind. Jordan used to write all the time about AC and his adventures at the cash games - with the occasional MTT. At his core, from reading his blog, though, is cash.

    I'm of the opinion that cash pays for the MTT shots. I think you need to develop a BR which can support an MTT habit, always falling back to the cash as your bread & butter.

  8. Oops - I mean I'm "NOT" dissuading the SNG route. I'm dissuading the MTT route.

  9. HighOnPoker: to read more on why he raised with J9, read this thread (specifically post 5). It is not an overstatement to say this article was an epiphany for me:


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