Saturday, August 7, 2010

First 100NL session of the new month - WIN!

I just finished up my first "solid" 100NL session of August.  I played 637 hands, and won $70.  This is the first time that I've overcome running bad to make a nice profit there.  I started off about 40 hands in - turning a nut flush and getting all in ($75 behind at the time) on the turn - only to see a paired board and the flopped set take the pot on the river.  Ouchie!  I immediately got sucked out again, and was facing a $150 deficit from early play.  I am proud of the fact that I overcame that deficit to run 5PTBB/100!  Booyah!  I simply played very well.  Good poker is the solution to running bad!

Sorry for the brag; I'm just proud that I'm working off (in the right direction) the huge blemish I have on my PTR stats.

I expect to continue 100NL play (if only I can overcome the poor variance).  :-)

Here's a question for everyone, though: Who knows what the "$ (EV adjusted)" stat is on the Holdem Manager reports represents?  It shows that I ran +$195 in EV, but I have a terribly hard time believing that.  I never sucked out, rarely got all in, and when I did get all in I seemed to get sucked out on.  Why would my HEM show a positive EV for the session - and of 2 buy ins, no less?  WTF?
2010-08-07 EV Graph


  1. $ (EV adjusted) is how much you should have won based on expectation when you got all in. It only applies in cases of showdown -- otherwise it is the same as your normal winnings, since EV can't be computed.

    So it makes sense that your real winnings are lower than your EV adjusted winnings because you had those big suckouts against you.

  2. Ah hah! So if I had a bad EV month, I'd expect my EV adjusted to be higher than my Winnings. It automatically adds in non-showdown winnings for ease of comparison.

    The way PT3 worked, I think it calculated just the EV straight away. In other words, if I lost an 80% equity pot of $100, I would show a negative EV of $80 - isolated from all other pots played.


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