Friday, May 28, 2010

TOC cash

Now that I'm at a stable location, I can post a quick "I cashed!"  It was not at all pretty, filled with plenty of suckouts and coolers - but I managed to luck my way into a 5th place finish.

Details to follow, but the short of it is: I'm in Ankara, Turkey on business.  Ankara is 7 hours ahead of east coast time, meaning that I was playing at 5 in the morning.  Moreover, I fly back to DC today - my flight from Ankara to Istanbul was scheduled for 10am. I managed to secure a broadband 3G card from work, and was forced to play on the go - in the hotel lobby, the 30 minute taxi ride and the airport (through security).  Oh yeah, and it's illegal to play in Turkey - they block the sites.  So I had to set up a VPN to my home network prior to travel, and VPN in over a broadband 1 megabit connection to the US in order to just get online in the first place.  I timed out quite a few times, with the last time being in a canyon shortly before the 12:55 (I think) break.  I nearly ran out of battery, and simply played the cards I was dealt for the last 40-60 minutes of the tournament.

Less than ideal conditions, but somehow, I was able to run good enough to cash!  Go me!


  1. Holy Cow!!! That is doublely impressive then.


  2. Hell of an effort. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on the cash, particularly given the circumstances. Were you 5th or 4th?

  4. congrats!
    what was buy in and cash out?

  5. Congrats on the cash abd getting a prelim event WSOP seat. Thats incredible. I watched some of it last night!!

  6. good stuff. even better when you jammed the button with 63o and flopped a straight.... nice run there.

    word verification BUCKS, lol

  7. Very nicely done! had I been around I'd have railed for ya!


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