Friday, May 21, 2010

What would you do?#109 - Flat / raised pre-flop + 2 barrels

Full Tilt Poker $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players
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CO: $63.90
BTN: $47.70
SB: $18.10
BB: $116.65
UTG: $89.20
UTG+1: $151.40
UTG+2: $54.15 - 13 / 8 / 41% ATS / 2.9% 3bet
Hero (MP1): $119.35
MP2: $61.15

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is MP1 with Kc Kh
2 folds, UTG+2 calls $0.50, Hero raises to $2.50, 4 folds, BB calls $2, UTG+2 raises to $9.50, Hero calls $7, BB calls $7

Flop: ($28.75) 6h 5s Jd (3 players)
BB checks, UTG+2 bets $12, Hero calls $12, BB folds

Turn: ($52.75) Qd (2 players)
UTG+2 bets $18, Hero folds
Only thing I can believe is AA, but if it's not AA, then QQ or JJ...  I have to be beat at this point, right?  What other hands (other than KK) are flat / raising pre-flop like that, and setting up for stacks on the turn?  TT is not, AK may be overplayed, but are they continuing like this?  Less likely.  What do you think?

Final Pot: $52.75
UTG+2 wins $50.15
(Rake: $2.60)


  1. What about AQ?

  2. As far as AQ - Good for him if he has it. He's going to lose big with a 3bet to $9.50. It just doesn't make sense given the prior history. He has a 2.9% 3bet and is a 13/8 player. If he has AQ, he's cbetting $12 on air and then "hitting" setting up stacks. I think either he's scared that I have QQ or JJ or he's value betting the hell out of me. Either way, he's set up to get stacks in on the river. Too bad it took a turn card to be able to get away from the hand.

  3. how big is your sample size on his stats?
    Think you're right on this one, if he truly is tight.

  4. @Anyonymous - Don't recall how many hands I had on the guy; enough to be meaningful though.

    @Loretta - Getting it in pre is a big no-no nowadays in Rush land. I've been seeing this a lot lately: flat -> raise PF... Usually spells Aces. If he had KK, GG him, but I just can't see this type of action with anything less than AA.


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