Thursday, May 13, 2010

TableNinjaFT officially launched

As a quick update on the previous post, TableNinja for Full Tilt has been officially released.  The version I was working with during my post was in beta, but the now they have an official version.

A bit of information on TableNinja for those who are not in the know: it provides keyboard shortcuts for table actions.  It tremendously speeds up my game (particularly on Rush) simply by the fact that I don't need to aim my mouse at the tiny action buttons.  All I need to do now is move the mouse from window to window, aiming at the particular window I want to act on, and click the assigned keyboard shortcut.  Coupled with the N52TE from the previous post, I am a very speedy poker force (sometimes too speedy, where I misclick :-) )!

Anyway, I grabbed a few bullets from their website, in the event that you don't have the opportunity to learn more about it.

General Features

  • Provides lightning-fast tools and shortcuts that make playing on PokerStars® easier and more profitable.
  • Works with what you play — Cash Games, Tournaments, Sit-n-Gos, Hold'em, Omaha, NL/FL/PL.
  • Works with your setup — PokerTracker 3, Hold'em Manager, Stacked/Tiled/Cascaded Tables.
  • Speeds up your play with hotkeys to bet/call/fold, bet percentages of the pot, or go all-in.
  • Automates time-bank, pot-betting, cash-game seating/buy-in, and tournament registration.
  • Has you up and running in seconds with an intuitive user interface.

Cash Game Features

  • Starting your session is easy with automatic seating, buy-in and waitlist handling
  • Set default bet amounts that are there the instant it becomes your turn
  • Size your bets with customizable scroll-wheel betting and bet rounding
  • Ending your session is easy with TableNinja's smart big blind sit-out and a close-all-tables hotkey
  • and much more...

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