Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quote of the night

Stealing a segment from Poker Grump.  Spoken during PokerStar's The Big Game week 1, episode 3 by Tony G in reference to filling up with 54o against Phil Hellmuth's top pair where Phil flopped top vs. Tony's bottom:

"Everyone's a winner Phil, everyone.  All of us are here; all of us are winners out of life." ... "You're [Phil] a brilliant person, you've done great.  But not... cash games are not your forte [chuckles...] it's not your fault."

LOL.  Tony G is a very funny guy.  Phil Hellmuth is always at the butt of everyone's jokes.  Poor Phil.


  1. Everyone says "Poor Phil," but he brings it on himself.

  2. Without a doubt. I honestly think a lot of it is an act for TV. That first week's episodes are classic comedy.

    The loose cannon, Ernest, simply SUCKS. He gets lucky, and then gets smart to shut down his game and book a win. Talk about a clueless player.


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