Thursday, October 14, 2010

Changin' it up for a change?

After I busted out in the Mookie (last out of 5 total, LDO), I decided to try my hand at another game.  A little background: I know nothing about any other games than NLHE / PLHE.  I'd venture to say that I've played stud before; played draw before, etc., but I am far more comfortable with Hold'em.

Well, I wasn't ready to pack it in for the evening; my wife hosted Majong - and was still hosting- but I didn't quite feel like hitting the tables again (I've been running terrabad; down 10 buy-ins in EV this month), and had just eeked out a profit of $13 against an EV expected $180.  I decided to check out a game that would be similar in style, but far different in play - Stud Hi.  All I can say is "wow."  Obviously, at this level, there isn't very fierce competition (I played the lowest of the low, $0.05/$0.10), but the players were terrible, and I actually had a good time.  I felt like I had some semblance of knowing what I'm doing; I was able to play draws and hands fairly well.  I was able to read other players, etc.  It was an interesting game, without a doubt.

I wound up winning $3.50 in the 40-some-odd hands that I played; a decent run for those stakes, I'd estimate.  I don't know that I'm ready to become a stud player, but it's nice to know that this game is here for a nice past-time.


  1. That is a killing in 40 hands...

  2. Agreed, but it seemed like the players were simply AWFUL! People were bet bet betting and showing down a pair, etc. I guess, coming from a NLHE background, I have a better concept of betting / outs / etc. I was raising hands like broadway / broadway + 3 suited / pair + ace / etc. They seemed to bet raising randomly.

    I was also playing 1 table, without a HUD. I don't know whether I'll invest the time in getting a HUD together, but it was definitely fun to switch up & play for a different game for a change. I'll have to do this R&R a bit more often.

  3. Try 7-card stud Hi/Low. That's even more fun.

  4. TBH, I'm kinda scared of the low games, because I'm not sure of the typical hand ranks, etc. What wins usually? I also hate the idea of having to potentially split a pot where I'm putting in the effort to build it only to have some guy backdoor into a chop. I saw those games available, though...


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