Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A win at live limit poker!

Well, never one to be deterred, I went to Mortimer's Card Room in Marina, CA. Unlike the Garden City Casino, though, they only offered 3-6 limit poker. It was a decent crowd, mixed with the local 2-3 rocks sitting and waiting for hands vs. the gambling LAGs. I don't know why, but the stereotype is ALWAYS true - Asian guys in their 30's-40's playing [and raising] absolutely ANY TWO CARDS! Oh yeah, and they hit their two cards constantly! K7o? Raise! Flop? K xx, turn 7. A3s? Raise! Flop 3 3 x. It's absurd how lucky these guys are, and since they raise such a wide range, you just have to sit and wait along side the rocks.

I played far from perfect poker; I misread a flopped pair for two pair which was somewhat costly, but other than that, for the most part my hands held and I hit some nice hands including a set of Aces and flopped trip 4's. I got paid on every single hand, as you can imagine, simply due to the gamblers. I will likely go back tonight or tomorrow, and try to recoup my $200 loss from Garden City. Regardless, limit poker stinks. It's slow, and full of variance since so many people are calling the whole way to the river with inside draws, overs, etc.

Anyway, book a win of $50 for last night.

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