Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Business trip to Monterey, CA - live poker anyone?

I get to travel to different locations domestically and internationally about 3 times per year in my current job. It's kinda nice; I get to visit foreign locations and have everything paid for. I've gone to Munich, Germany (recently - around November), Quebec City, Canada, Paris, France, Salt Lake City, Utah, etc. It amounts to about one domestic trip and 2 international trips per year.

At any rate, I have a business trip scheduled for January 17th going to Monterey, CA. I like to play live poker if it is available near the site. I have done a bit of research and found three casinos / poker rooms in the area, in addition to Garden City Casino which appears to be about 2 hours from Monterey (probably too far).

They are:
  • Banker's Casino
    Seems like an upscale version of Mortimer's. Problem is that the minimum stakes appear to be $2/$5, which is a bit too rich for my blood. I'm not a great live player; I have far too many tells and am not quick to think on my feet due to my reliance on online tabulations that are performed automatically for me. Therefore, I want stakes which are comfortable to me.
  • Mortimer's Card Room
    Doesn't even have its own website. Seems like somewhat of a dumpy, sketchy place. Higher stakes poker, also ($2/$5).
  • Marina Club
    Across the street from Mortimer's. This place seems like the lower stakes version of Mortimer's, and they're apparently connected to each other.
My decision seems to be quite clear - Marina Club it is. I was wondering whether any of the readers of this blog live near any of these sites? Can anyone make any suggestions as to where to go? Obviously, I'll have a car.



  1. i've been to the monterey area a few times but never stopped for any live poker. one thing to keep in mind if you haven't played live NLHE at a casino - MOST games are a MAX 40bb bi. this was a big time suprise for me the first time i played live in CA. its incredibly weird and basically a shove fest until stax get a bit deeper. GL!

  2. you might just be better playing online, lol!


  3. I've played in live casinos before- only once in CA. When I was in LA a few years back, they had a similar rule with the 40BB buy in at the Bicycle Club. I forgot about that California rule - perhaps $2/$5 may not be so bad after all.

  4. I was able to check out the Marina Club recently. I'm not sure how things were in 2010, but the place seems great now.


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