Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What would you do? #47 - Live hand PP AA vs. river shove

Blinds are $1/$2 - this is at the Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma. This hand probably goes back about 2 years, since that was last time I visited Dallas, TX (work trip :-) ). I've had this in my notebook for awhile... clearly I am a different player now than then, but this was a good hand.

The setup: villain is a loose aggressive. Since he's sat down at the table, he has shoved once & lost, also doubled up once in the last 45 hands. He raises every hand he enters. He is capable of any two cards.

Villain / UTG (sitting on about $325) is sitting to my immediate right (I have about $350).

He raises $2.
I am dealt AsAc and I had been asking all night if he "really wants to do that; you know I have Aces under here" and then proceed to fold to his raise. This time, I really do have Aces and 3 bet him (first time I 3bet at this table) to $11. 5 folds around back to the villain UTG who flats the $11 raise.

$11 + $11 + $2 + $1 = $25 pot.

Flop: 2h 6d 8d

Villain checks, I lead for $20 into $25. Villain calls the $20.

$25 + $20 + $20 = $65 pot.

Turn: [2h 6d 8d] Qs

Villain checks, I lead for $40 (If he has a set, so be it, but I'm not going to BS around with AA. If he has a draw to diamonds or a straight, then I want value). Villain calls the $40.

$65 + $40 + $40 = $145 pot.

River: [2h 6d 8d Qs] 2s

Villain all in shoves for the remaining $250 he was playing behind. Is this an easy call? It is possible that he played deuces to the river and got lucky, no? $250 is a big overbet, and he's no less leading into me, when I have shown to be the aggressor the whole way.

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I make the call with the thought that the paired 2's on the river helped me: if he had a lucky flop of 8 6 for 2 pair or some random 2 pairs, then the paired river just counterfeited his 2 pair. After I made the call, I waited for him to show... He claimed he had trip deuces but wouldn't show his hand. Finally, I laid my AA out on the table and waited... he mucked. I grabbed my stack and immediately left as it was getting late on a work night and I didn't want to be sitting at the table with a fresh stack of $700+ when I was tired. As an aside, what an ass; he's waiting for me to muck my hand by claiming that he rivered trips? I despise angle shooters.

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  1. Given your description of the situation, I snap call. NH, sir.


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