Friday, January 22, 2010

A quick recap on my thoughts about the Full Tilt Rush table format

First, this:

Not very often that my opponents are seeing me stack off with QQ. However, given the action on the Rush tables, if you played them, you'd understand why I'm stacking off (not saying the action is justified, as dropping 100BBs SUCKS BIG TIME).

If you haven't played the Rush tables, I highly suggest checking them out. I think any solid player can seriously clean up. You get tons of hands per hour, there's no waiting for the next hand, and there's constant action. It's like watching the old TV show, "Sliders." You're brought from one hand to the next instantaneously. Like I said before, though, if you have a solid idea of ranges to play from positions, you'll clean up.

Without a doubt, this is a fun way of presenting poker. For single-tablers, this is constant action, simulating multi-tabling. Your decisions are superficial, not generally based on any reads or datamining from prior hand history. You rack up a ton of points and rakeback; yesterday alone, between my standard $50NL poker tables & the $25NL rush tables, I generated 940 points and about $30 in rakeback! Simply ridiculous! Anyway, I highly recommend checking out the tables, if you haven't done so already.

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