Sunday, January 3, 2010

What would you do? #43 - Rivered trips vs. pot comitting bet

15/10 @ 224 hands...

Full Tilt Poker $0.10/$0.25 Pot Limit Hold'em - 8 players -
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Hero (SB): $37.80
BB: $16.18
UTG: $26.10
UTG+1: $16.77
MP1: $15.42
MP2: $21.96
CO: $37.25
BTN: $5.25

Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero is SB with Ad Qc
2 folds, MP1 calls $0.25, 1 fold, CO raises to $1.10, 1 fold, Hero calls $1, 1 fold, MP1 calls $0.85

Flop: ($3.55) Tc As 2h (3 players)
Hero checks, MP1 checks, CO bets $1.50, Hero calls $1.50, MP1 folds

Turn: ($6.55) Jh (2 players)
Hero checks, CO bets $2.50, Hero calls $2.50

River: ($11.55) Ah (2 players)
Hero bets $4, CO raises to $23.55, Hero requests TIME, Hero ??? - Is the villain raising big with anything less than AK? Did he get there with AJ?

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Hero folds - I don't think I can handle a raise / shove here. I believe that he hit a set on the flop, or has AJ. I don't think he's stacking off with a straight. I think against a 15/10, I have to fold out here. Gross fold, but still...

Final Pot: $19.55
CO wins $18.58
(Rake: $0.97)


  1. AJ is certainly a possibility and I wouldn't rule out a straight/flush. Villain could have cbet with a gutshot and got there on the turn. Their shoving range on the river definitely has you crushed.

  2. Yeah. I felt there were any number of hands that crush me. In addition, we're deeper stacked, so we're talking a pretty big shove here.


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