Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rush Poker and a PT3 notes auto color coder for your Full Tilt client

So I've been working all day on pulling together an automatic notes generator for Full Tilt Rush poker, since PT3 / HEM cannot keep up with the constant change of tables. What I have done is coded a Java application which inspects your PT3 Player Ratings and copies their stats and color codes into the notes XML file. Do you think this would be of interest to anyone?

It's been a LONG time since I've coded, so I must admit that my code is spaghetti-like, and my SQL is even worse! (I'm a Systems Engineer now; I last coded 4-5 years ago!) Anyway, what I did was pretty simple, and I compiled it into a Java executable, to make it easier for all Windows users to utilize. Please let me know if you're interested & I'll throw it up there.


  1. I did a very similar thing earlier in the week but yours sound much more complete.

    Definitely throw it up and if you want we'll advertise its existence on the forums.

  2. Is is possible to get the source code to this for some non-commercial improvements?

  3. Claire -

    What are you planning on doing with it? What stats are you planning on adding? It is written in Java and converted to a compiled exe with a tool I downloaded off the web. Have you been using the software I wrote?

  4. Honestly, I just want to change the colors. :)


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