Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday night live poker recap

My old group is starting to get back into the swing of things... 2 games in under a month for the Sunday night poker game! That's what I call running good. We were very short handed for the duration of the night; 5 players showed up out of the 8 that were committed. Bummer - but that didn't stop me from running red hot. Quick rundown of our game: Buy ins are $25 or less @ .25/.50 blinds, so we buy in short-stacked. Game selection is Texas Hold'em.

The first hand of the night (I drew for small blind), I'm dealt 33 on a limped 2d 3d 4d board. I bet out $1.50 into $2.50 to get one caller. Next card: Ad. Puke. Check / call $2 (into $5.50). Check / check & villain shows down the Kd8c for a BB special.

The fifth hand, I hit a set of 8's and take down a little less than my losses on the first hand, to bring me essentially to even.

Few hands later, on the BB, I limp with Jc8c (which is pretty darn close to the Poker Meister :-). Flop comes Tc 9c 7s for a flopped nut straight and flush draw. I even told everyone I had a pretty good feeling about the hand... I got a gutshot draw to stick around to the river and then fold.

I hit quad 8's once and got paid a little on another gutshot draw.

Finally, I got all in pre-flop with AA, vs. 77 only to see quad 7's crush my $15 CALL (7's pushed into me). Fortunately, I had him covered and was up (at the time) around $20. Too bad my AA couldn't hold, because that would have sent me home with a profit for the night around $50... As is, I walked away with a $20 profit. I'll take it for a short handed, loose poker game.

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