Friday, September 4, 2009

Down time...

I've been seeing a lot of posts from other bloggers about being less than motivated & taking some time off from playing. I think I'm in the same boat; my Wednesday night session was simply awful - a downswing of ~4 buy-ins! In addition to being card dead for the most part, every time I have a pre-flop hand, I find myself being out-flopped. My cbets are check raised continually, and my premium pocket pairs are running into better pocket pairs. Additionally, my pre flop raises are being re-raised. Finally, my sub-premium limps (Ax suited in position, suited gappers, etc.) are being picked off by raises which I cannot profitably call.

Combine all of the above with the fact that I'm getting less sleep than usual due to a virus running through each of my 3 kids (each child has thrown up at least twice at some time during the night, throughout this past week), and you have a recipe for disaster. I played a mini-session last night, where I think I played a total of 300 hands - met my 50 poker points (Iron Man) on Full Tilt and my 1 point for multi tabling (Take 2 promotion), but my heart just was not in it. I guess I'm going to see how I feel tonight. It may be best to take some time off. We'll see how I feel tonight.

Unfortunately for you, though, dear reader, I have no interesting hands to post from the past few sessions. Stay tuned, though; no doubt there will be something interesting.

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