Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Continuing to run well / play well

Those downswings are very upsetting. Let's clear the air on that. I'm certain no player in their right mind would disagree (unless you're a masochist). It totally sucks that a poker player can run through streaks, which I read are a mathematical fact. Without a doubt, the first half of the month left me very frustrated. I kept telling myself that the upswings are way better than the downswings. However, as is the common course, I began to question it when I found myself down 8 buy ins mid-month. However, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and this is the third night in a row where I'm simply crushing the tables. I up-ticked another $85 tonight, in 800 hands. In a word, in three days, I have smashed my earlier deficit. A poker player lives for the upswings. The graph above is simply disgusting.

As a side note, I gave this very same advice to a friend of mine, who seems to be mired [hopefully just the start and end] in a downswing (AA broken twice + overpair JJ broken to an under set for bustouts of SnGs). He's the very same person that reciprocated the advice above to me last month when I started running bad. It's good to be able to coach each other along. A poker buddy is critical to player development.

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