Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Iron Man FAQ for rakeback users

I've been trying to find out information on usage of Full Tilt's Iron Man bonuses. I was able to find the following, which I think is fairly definitive. Any disagreements? My end goal is to purchase a 600 medal backpack.

From Online Poker Forum - 600 dollar ironman bonus:

1] Using FTP points will deduct your MGR by $0.005 per point used.
>> Well known; the short of it is that the normal points clearly detract from your future rakeback.

2] Cash bonuses reduce your MGR by the face value of the bonus ($100 bonus = -$100 MGR)
>> Interesting; I have not experienced this at all - I have yet to receive a bonus which affects my rakeback, but I'm not following it all that closely. My earlier "Take 2" (April, 2009) bonus did not seem to affect rakeback, nor did the "Biggest Bonus Ever" (July, 2009) promotion. Perhaps this relates only to cash bonuses purchased in the Iron Man store?

3] Iron Man mid year, and Iron man year end bonuses have not affected Rakeback in the past, we assume this continues to be the case.
>> NICE! For those who don't know already (count me in that camp), the year end bonus follows a scheme of:
  • Bronze - $25/Month
  • Silver - $50/Month
  • Gold - $75/Month
  • Iron - $100/Month
I have qualified for 2 months of Silver, meaning if I stop my Iron Man status now, I will receive a $100 bonus in December to work off during 2010. Excellent! I plan on getting Iron for the rest of the year (good luck, I know; it ain't easy...), which would give me another $300 in bonus money for a total of $400.

4] Using iron man medals to purchase Full Tilt points, will not effect MGR or rakeback, when you use those Full Tilt Points, however, your MGR will be effected. Using Iron Man Medals for Iron Man exclusive items will also effect your MGR and rakeback. The only thing that you can purchase with iron man medals that will not effect MGR and Rakeback is the $26 and $75 tokens. This is probably because they have a fee built in ($24+2 and $69+6) so full tilt is making money back when you use them.
>> So according to this, if I were to buy the Iron Man backpack which I've been wanting for my new laptop, I would lose future rakeback. That kinda sux; I have yet to spend a single FTP on any of the store's items - but this is something that I need but do not want to spend $90 in real world money. Whatever; I guess I can afford the loss. When I buy the backpack, I'll report back as to how much rakeback I lose. However, it is implied here and in other posts that the tokens are the best value for the medals. They don't carry the weight of a rakeback hit, either.

Other things can effect your MGR and Rakeback negatively these are:

1.) Payment processing, using certain methods of depositing and withdrawal can negatively efffect your MGR (wire transfers, checks, moneygram, etc)

2.) Fraud, bouncing checks, or payments

3.) Playing a tournament where more money is paid out then is taken in. Example, if there's a $1000 prize pool in a tourney and 500 players each pay $1. There is a $500 overlay, the overlay is divided by the number of players in the tournament and each player gets an equal amount of negative MGR. In this case, 500 players and $500 overlay, means each player would get -$1.00 MGR.

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