Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another good month... August 2009 comes to a close...

As with last month, I wound up crushing towards the end of the month. Some of the profit curve's steep incline is due to my moving up to $50NL/PL in limited action. In those 626 hands, I have run like a complete God! Below is a table of my stats at those tables:

Limit Hands Amount Won BB/100 $/100 BB/Hour $/Hour
$0.50 NL 513 $142.30 27.74 $27.74 28.56 $28.56
$0.50 PL 113 $52.30 46.28 $46.28 36.92 $36.92

~$200 of the $530 profit this month is accounted for by these ~600 hands. All the sets I've been missing at the lower levels (still averaging 1 out of 12 flopped sets overall) have hit me when it counts, because I'm running quite a bit better at 1 out of 10 in the $50 games. I am still not completely comfortable with multi tabling $50 tables, but have started 2 tabling for a little while to start / end each night. I am always going back to the $25 stakes and putting in my remainder ~500 hands at 4-5 tables, but I want to make a gradual transition.

Future thoughts:
The wifey has her hand out, though she is not pressuring me at all to give up a check. However, I think when I feel comfortable with my bankroll, I'm going to slice a check out and bring my online poker career back to even money in real world $. (Lifetime, I'm stuck for ~$500 during the last 4-5 years of my online career.) I figure that once I hit the $1500 mark, I'm going to request a funds withdrawal to settle up and go from there, working off the Tilt account as pure profit.

Quick month-to-month comparison:
Unlike last month, where my PT3 BB/100 (calculated as 2x the big blinds) ran at 13.05, my BB/100 for the month of August ran at an un-Godly 3.29. Most of my July was played at $10NL/PL, where it is probably a lot easier to stack people, accounting for the higher BB/100. I managed to put in 26,221 hands this month as opposed to 18,829 hands last month... mostly attributed to a week of vacation and 5 tabling (hours-wise, I put in roughly the same amount of hours month-to-month, but my $/hr average dropped $2 from $6.88/hr to $4.89/hr... I wonder if that's part of my run bad streak?)

Quick overall update:
I have ~29,000 hands at the $25 level... the weird thing is that I run 0.55 BB/100 at $25NL in 25,000 hands, yet I run 17.96 BB/100 in 7,000 hands at $25PL. Weird statistical difference; do I play PL better than NL? Is PL an easier game? I barely played any $10NL/PL, so my total remains around 21,000 hands with a BB/100 at 6.80 overall.... no huge difference between NL & PL at that level.

If anyone out there reading this can give thoughts, are any of these numbers normal? Can I expect to run 3 BB/100 here on out? Is 13 BB/100 ridiculous? What are you running and at what level?

Online poker profits: $530.00
Live poker profits: $0.00
Rakeback bonus profits: $93.81
Full Tilt bonus profits: $0.00
Total: $623.81

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