Monday, October 12, 2009

Turnaround for October!

It's too early to declare victory, but in an early morning session, I've gutted my $270 deficit for the month down to a $130 deficit. Nice session of 347 hands, where [positive] variance FINALLY caught up with me! As is usual, I hit a 5 -8 buy in skid & stop posting.

It stinks, but the losses make posting to this blog not so much fun. I'm not sure whether that's a bad thing; I write to analyze my hands, but if I'm running bad, there is no real analysis that needs to take place. I've written complaint posts before and they're kind of just useless rants. Anyway, here's to more interesting hands in the future where my AA < 53s & my flopped sets < straights & flushes...


  1. After last night's session, I continued my hot streak and cut my deficit down to a measly $28. I'm actually profitable for the month, if you consider rakeback! BOOM! I wound up winning ~$240 on the day, a HUGE day! It feels good to be back in the [near] black!

  2. After last night's session, I'm down $13 on the month, even though my All In Luck calculates me to run $-245.


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