Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2008 WSOP boat over boat situation What would you do? #9

Found this clip from Sept 17th's posting on Bill Rini's blog - a clip from the 2008 WSOP. The hand is good in so far as the thought going into it. However, I disagree with Matusow that he would be going broke on this hand. I think, at worst, Geller is making a call with the lower boat - which is the impressive part of the whole transaction (he folds!).

Look at the hand: Raise PF, 2 flats behind. Both Romanello & Geller flop sets and play it like they flopped sets; it's a pretty bad all-broadway flop (QJ flopped nuts), but they play it safe by check / check / checking it on the flop. When the T comes out, neither of them can be happy, making any Q the nuts on the turn. If one of the three are holding the Q, they are guaranteed to be betting out here, because there's not much value they can expect from a single river bet, given the way the 3 have played out the hand thus far. When the T pairs the board and Gellers gets raised to his lead out, the only hands Gellers can put Romanello on are AA, KK, QQ (straight), TT (for the quads). If any of the players had AK, QJ, they would be betting on the flop / turn - for value - and protection. However, both Gellers & Romanello are hoping each other (and Matusow) catch up or are potentially way ahead... By the river, clearly AA, KK & TT are winners, QQ is a loser. Is Romanello really raising a SCARY board like this with a straight, or two pair? All of the above (AA, KK, TT, AK) are "plausible" PF raising hands, but I'd have to put Romanello on AA / KK / less likely TT after the raise and speech. Therefore, Gellers [correctly] surmises that he is beat, and [correctly] lays it down.

Had it been me, I likely would have opted to call the raise, thus losing an additional bet. No question: it was a GREAT laydown. However, going broke on this hand IN A TOURNAMENT, no less, hardly...


  1. Seems the video from Bill's post has been removed. Any idea where else I could find it?

  2. Sure think PokerLaz...

  3. Wow thanks for posting the link.

    That is simply awesome poker


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