Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stupid things said at the table

Borrowing a tag from Poker Grump, I wanted to put a quick post out on a really dumb thing I heard while playing at Delaware Park last Friday.

The setup: guy, my age (approx. 35), lawyer, big ego, clearly scared money, and all around terrible player.  Besides the ego, the other characteristics were surprising to me; all of the lawyers I know who play poker are bold & aggro - and decent to good players (see Hoyazo & Jordan for immediate references).  Usually, they're laden with money so the thought of dropping a few $$$ doesn't faze them in the least.

Regardless, I open raise my CO, as I had been doing with a wide range of cards, when it folds around to me.  I raise to $8 with T8o which BTN and SB fold.  BB (lawyer) calls and we see a heads-up flop of J 9 3, rainbow.  He checks to me and I cbet for $14.

Upon contemplating for a few seconds faced with the $14 bet, he says to me, "I know you don't have anything, and I know I have you beat, but I'm going to fold this because I don't want to get into a big pot with you," and folds an Ace face-up.

Can you say "scared money," "fit or fold," "untrusting of your reads / instincts," or "fish"?

Immediately afterwards, he proceeded to burn through $80 on a top pair no kicker hand against another opponent.  [Facepalm.]


  1. Isnt he actually playing well here. He probably has at worst A5 and is a 48% to your 52%.
    If he raises, you might shove and if he calls, he cant continue.

  2. I don't mind the fold, but showing you was ridiculous.

  3. I'm fine with the call or fold - if he does either, I can respect him in the morning. WTF would you say "I know I have you beat, but I'm folding..." for? Why not just tell me "You can walk all over me for the duration the two of us are at the table together."

  4. Meister, it goes back to the reverse of my #1 Rule of Poker. The #1 Rule is, If you are Behind, Fold. The Reverse, then is, If you are Ahead, Raise.

    This drives me nuts. If that guy really thought he was ahead, then he should be raising, not folding. It's so friggin' obvious, but then again, how many times have people said, "I know I'm behind, but I call." I mean, COME ON! If you know you are ahead, raise. Duh...Losing!


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