Monday, April 11, 2011

The rules of the Run Good

  1. You do not talk about run good.
  2. You DO NOT talk about run good.  If you talk about running good, you will run bad.
  3. If someone says "stop" or goes limp taps out, do not taunt your opponent for being broke or having bad luck.
  4. Only one guy to a hand.
  5. One hand at a time.  Don't get too used to making EVER.SINGLE.HAND.
  6. No shirts, no shoes.  Get comfortable!
  7. Running good will go on as long as it has to.  You will run bad after you run good.
  8. If this is your first night running good, you HAVE to continue to play until you are exhausted and can no longer keep your eyes open.
I'm abiding by the rules of Run Good.  I suppose you'll see more frequent posts in the coming days...


  1. Don't complain that you doomed your own fool self! You talked about it, now prepare to doomswitch! Silly man!


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