Friday, March 19, 2010

Made the switch [finally]... Yea Holdem Manager!

I just finished reading Part I of Micro Roller's review of Holdem Manager & PokerOffice, and realized that I never posted that I made the conversion from PT3 to Holdem Manager.

Since I've been playing Rush almost full time, I quickly became tired of the software that I wrote to convert player stats into Full Tilt notes. The problem with it was that I could not continually update the stats with each passing hand; I needed to quit the Full Tilt client, run my program and reload FT. Cumbersome - Yes. Impractical - Yes.

I bit the bullet, used CardRunner's discount on HEM which saved me $30, and paid through my credit card. (As an aside, I think it's a bit absurd that they don't accept payment through Full Tilt, but I suppose that would be difficult to track. I'd rather keep my poker expenses with my poker money, but $50...?)

Anyway, I am very impressed with HEM thus far. The HUD stats are far more useful than PT3's stats - PT3's default would not show positional actions whereas HEM breaks everything down. However, most importantly, HEM shows live updates of players in Rush. No more referring to the notes to discover information about a player! Granted, their HUD in Rush is not perfect - I 3-table and cannot always get detailed stats / updates for my table (i.e. there are times that I'm flying "blind"). For the most part, though, HEM acts as advertised. It even breaks down HHs for Rush and non-Rush tables, which is great!

As far as the main display for HEM, I cannot figure out for the life of me how to add stats to display, such as fold to 3bet, WTSD, etc. in the main window. Also, I'm not quite sure what the column labeled "EV USD" is exactly describing. Clearly, it is not Expected Value in All in situations... are they determining on a street-by-street basis, how often you're hitting or not hitting your draws and weighting that by pot size at the time? Not quite sure, and can't find anything out about it...

Anyway, if you're playing Rush, I highly recommend an upgrade to the latest version of HEM.

GL at the tables!

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