Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taking shots at $50NLHE

In practicing [perhaps] poor bankroll management, I decided to take a shot or two at the $50NLHE tables. I took played two different tables, on two different days, on 2009-08-01 & 2009-08-02. It was due to the lack of available [and favorable] $25NLHE tables that drove me to the decision. I played for a total of 2 hours between the two tables, at a profit of $52.25, in ~200 hands.

My experience was that the tables are seemingly a *LOT* tighter. They are also a *LOT* more aggressive, meaning there is a lot less limping. I was able to operate with the same pattern that I have been over at the $25NLHE tables, but there was a lot less pre-flop limp/calling and a lot more limp/folding to late raises. Therefore, there was a lot less flops seen. Also, in the limited experience I had, I saw a lot more winning players (based on pokertableratings.com 's profiles). I'd imagine that the more successful $25NL players move up to the $50NL tables, less so than the new players starting at the $50NL tables, which is what makes these tables a bit harder.

At any rate, I started blogging again to be open and honest about my poker triumphs [and failures]. Therefore, I wanted to report my latest attempt.

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