Saturday, August 29, 2009

The comeback kid!

I finally had a very good session tonight. See the above session results graphic. I was up $180 at one point in the night, but came down to end tonight's session at ~$130. That brings me to +$250 for the month; not as good as last month, but certainly better than a losing month! I'm had a Poker Meister hand hit, where I got my money in bad (AA vs. J9s) on a QQJ board, but it came through for me to river a J and scoop the pot. In fact, that was really the only suckout of the night (that went my way), and that accounted for a $9 profit. All in all, I think I have regained confidence in math. I can't help but wonder how much I would be up if I hadn't run into a terrible streak during this past mid-month. I likely would have repeated July's results!

Anyway, I will be posting the Poker Meister hand as #26.

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