Wednesday, August 5, 2009


After reviewing my HH for my $1K milestone session the other night, I thought it would be good to stop & review all of my numbers. I started with positional stats and found that I am nearly profitable on the BB & SB (damn the cost of those blinds because I would be profitable in all spots if I didn't have to pay the cost of those blinds...)

My SB aggression tact of stealing the BB when I can (folds around, semi-strong hand against limped button, etc.) seems to be paying off. My thought to stealing the BB is this: I will keep hammering away at the player (my blind steal percentage is sometimes greater than 50%, though I don't have the data in front of me) until he plays back at me. I have no problem letting the issue drop, the minute I get played back, but my logic is that if I can steal 4 times and get played back on the 5th time, I'm profitable by a BB (3x raise each time). The math goes as follows (perhaps flawed; never was a math guy): stealing 3 blinds makes the loss of the 4th blind even money. If I can steal 4 times and get caught once, I'm up a BB. Moreover, I am ultra-aggressive from the button for this exact reason. It is a lot harder for the SB & BB to play back at me when they know I am very aggressive post flop, and they will play the remainder of the hand out of position. I get away with this tact a lot more when I have a "predictable" tight BB/SB combo (i.e. VPIP less than 15). I can rest assured that if they're re-raising my Button open, they have a hand and I can lay down (while simultaneously making a note to watch for the re-steal from that player later on).

Continuing with the review though, I think I am limping WAY too much from early positions. I need to either fold that junk pre flop or raise it up. I am limping AJo & KQs type hands from those positions (as well as your standard small pairs) - and with the AJ/KQ hands, I'm folding PF to any raise (which, from prior posts, in my opinion, is good, tight pre-flop poker - hands you don't want to go to the flop being potentially dominated). For the most part, though, when I hit with a limped pot on those types of hands, I'm usually good. I have started to raise my small pocket pairs more often - from around 2-5% of the time to maybe 20-25%. This way, I keep my AA, KK more hidden from those players who are paying attention (very few at this level, I'd imagine).

FYI: These are numbers since 2009-06-13, as is the basis of most of the writing on this blog. The reasoning behind the date threshold is because after that date is when I truly "learned how to play correctly." See the post on A long time... for a more detailed explanation.

PositionHandsVP$IPPFRCCPFWin %W$WSFAmount BlindAmount WonWithout
Button3,65031.9723.8412.0220.7952.03$0.55 $177.92 178.470.1345.9327.32
13,64425.3616.9611.8316.5853.96$16.25 $231.03 247.280.2251.1525.51
23,54522.612.4113.9413.2951.82$3.40 $258.44 261.840.1749.3826.49
33,55318.187.1810.639.7951.28$1.35 $129.20 130.550.1648.4732.15
43,344185.329.449.3952.03$0.20 $135.69 135.890.0849.3129.27
52,65117.093.854.358.1948.68$0.45 $53.27 53.720.0645.7424.87
61,29017.364.73NA8.6850.28$0.00 ($5.34)N/A043.1428.49
BB3,56617.618.16NA30.5442.61$503.35 ($113.24)390.11-0.0447.721.52
SB3,54031.5512.8NA18.0545.87$228.15 ($62.09)166.06-0.0848.0422.07

A short table of definitions:

VP$IP = Voluntary Put $$ into Pot (i.e. percentage of times I've entered a pot with a call or raise, pre-flop)
PFR = Pre-flop raise (i.e. percentage of times I've raised or re-raised a pot, pre-flop)
CCPF = Cold Call Pre-flop (i.e. pecentage of times I've flat called a raised pot, pre-flop)
W$WSF = Won $$$ When Saw Flop
W$SD = Won $$$ at Showdown
WTSD = Went to Showdown

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