Friday, August 21, 2009

KK vs. AA

I wound up running my KK into AA twice in 500 hands last night. The outcome doesn't really matter (though both times I flopped a set and once I hit quads), but the question is: Is getting KK all in pre-flop an EV- move? In other words, should I be avoiding committing my stack with KK pre-flop? Also, is KK AIPF vs AA simply bad luck, or is it bad play?

I suppose I'm going to run into all sorts of situations now that I'm playing down a level at $10NL on PokerStars (I started with that $50 trade from my friend; Tilt for Stars). All I can "afford" on there is .05/.1, so I see a lot of *TERRIBLE* play including checking AA down against a two-tone flop, checking sets down in similar situations, flopped nuts checking the river, etc. It's comical! However, the $10NL game is *VERY* easy! VERY EV++++! The players at this level play any suits and any gappers. Most cbets after pre-flop raised pots (probably 75% of the time) take down the pot. It's EASY!

I want to get to SilverStar status, but I think that is likely impossible at $10NL given that I played ~800 hands and accounted for 31 VPPs (1200 to get to Silver). I suppose once I make SilverStar, my accumulation rate for points will be much faster, but if I get 31 points / day, I'll need 38 days in a month :-(. P.S. SilverStar enables me to trade points for cash, similar to rakeback.

Hopefully, I'll build up to $500 quickly so I can move to $25NL. If tonight is any indication, then I should be there in about a month.


  1. Nope, IMO, it's pretty much never a mistake to get KK all-in PF at 100BBs. Maybe not when you get to 200BBs deep and above. It obv depends on the aggro factor of the game and players, but you'll see a TON of players get it AIPF w/ QQ, AK, and some other unbelievable garbage. KK vs. AA PF is just part of the game, nothing to beat yourself up over.

  2. I avoid (like the plague, because I try to play low variance poker) getting AK all in PF, but it tilts me more to see myself suck out against my opponent than when my opponent sucks out against me. I have to admit to myself that I got totally outplayed and got lucky. Suffice it to say, it all evens out in the end as far as luck factor goes...


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