Thursday, December 3, 2009

November, another mediocre month

Perhaps this is the kind of result I can expect out of $50NL - and my first month at that level was more of an anomaly? I ran my profits up $500 within the first week or two of the month, then went on a big downswing and back up again. Since that point, it has been down hill. I seem to continue to get my money in good but get sucked out on. My head is getting screwed on a bit better, though, so perhaps December will be better. October was difficult, though, with my withdrawal of the bulk of my funds (thus I was under-rolled) plus the holidays, giving my little time to play hands. I also started my Poker Stars account back up, with a $50 swap with a friend + a nice little contest win over on Jordan's blog High On Poker. Thanks Jordan!

I once again made Iron Man status in the Iron Man challenge / bonus. As with last month:

1. I am eligible for $100 in the mid year bonus.
2. I can convert medals to dollars.
3. All of the poker played allowed me to qualify for free CardRunners training through and

Full Tilt poker profits: $59.72
Poker Stars poker profits: $84.65
Live poker profits: $70.00
Rakeback bonus profits: $301.08
Full Tilt bonus profits: $100.00 (Holiday Hundred Bonus)
Total: $615.45

A quick rundown of my stats: 2K hands played on stars in 16 hours + 39K hands played on Tilt in 97 hours. My hold'em All In Luck calculator says that since the beginning of the month, I've run $-271, which says that I've overcome my negative expected value in all in situations.

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