Thursday, July 16, 2009

Playing up a little @ .1/.25

I had my first foray back into the .1/.25 action last night. It did not got swimmingly as planned; most of the time I got my money in good, but could not get my cards to hold post the all ins. I started off with 3 tables, but narrowed down to 2 when I busted on the hand I'm about to describe. I did not get my money in good, although I don't think I can very well blame myself for this play (I don't believe I did anything wrong here; it was bad luck).

Without the hand history here at work, I will recreate the situation from memory:

8 hands into the night at a .1/.25NL table, I have my typical $20 buy in at ready. I am dealt AA (no club) from the UTG+1, and proceed to raise PF to $1.00 (.75 for the blinds & my bet + .25 for the UTG limper). I get called by the Button (who has me more than covered). The flop comes 2c7hTc; not a terrible flop, but definitely a lot of draws available. I donk bet / lead out for $1.50 (into a $3.00 pot), wanting to protect my hand. I get raised immediately by the Button to $3.00 and call. The next card is a non-club deuce. Once again, I lead out (into the now $9.00 pot) with a $3.00 bet. The button raises all in and I insta-call. He tables quad deuces to scoop the pot.

Now, with the 2nd deuce hitting the turn, I'm figuring if the guy flopped an awkward 2 pair (8 hands in, not much of a read on the button, etc.), I think the deuce works well for me, because now I have two pair too. I also think that the turned deuce cuts down on the outs if he's on a flush draw, because if the Ace of clubs hits, I'm getting paid. Moreover, I'm figuring for a RR PF from the button if the button has KK. Finally, is the guy min raising on the flop with a set? I'd think he'd either smooth call or raise 2.5-3x on the flop. Regardless, I'm not laying down AA. Perhaps therein lies my fatal mistake; not adjusting to the post flop. However, I really don't have a lesson learned to take away from this - should I?

Regardless, I wound up losing approx. $8.00 on the night, and felt very comfortable. When I had the cards, I could not get the calls, and I would get called when I didn't have the cards (busted bluffs). There were 2 total donkeys at the table who seemed to be running incredibly hot for the duration of the night, which is what kept me planted in my seat. One guy was a 55/2 (55 VPIP / 2 PFR? 2% PF raise? Gimme a break!). He was one of the most passive players I had ever seen, checking down flopped sets, flushes, etc. However, he seemed to constantly hit flops hard, and call all the way down. The other guy was a 75/30, who I deemed to be a maniac. Both were capable of ATC (whether PF raised or not) in any position. I just could not get a playable hand against these two ninnies. Oh well - I'll get 'em next time.

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