Friday, July 24, 2009

Bankroll update

I wound up playing for about 4 hours last night to close with my best "legitimate" night ever (the $120 uptick the other night is "illegitimate" by the fact that a push monkey was on total tilt and pushing every hand, which makes poker really easy). I wound up winning ~$100 on good cards and good play. For the first time in my online life, I have an established and supportable bankroll. I can see the $500 mark very clearly in my future.

I have not taken any additional shots at the .1/.25 game since last Saturday, and have found no need to. However, what I have been doing is playing the Deep Stack tables at Full Tilt. It is amazing how loose and poor the play is at these tables. People are willing to commit 160 BBs with top pair (and not even top kicker). I've been cleaning up at these tables, and will continue to do so. Buying in at these tables is a lot cheaper than the .1/.25 tables (I can buy in for $12 and have a formidable stack). The gains are almost as much as the .1/.25 tables (I can win at least $15 per person usually because that is typical stack size). However, the blinds are a LOT cheaper and the raises are a LOT cheaper. I believe I have found a hidden gem at Full Tilt in the Deep Stack tables.

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