Friday, February 4, 2011

Video from ground zero at Chernobyl

Anyone who knows me knows that I love history - military history, foreign history, cold war, etc.  I've always been interested in Iron Curtain / Soviet Russia; it's always interesting to see the truths and propaganda behind what the 80's children were taught growing up about the Soviet system.  As such, I subscribe to a blog called English Russia who always has interesting photo / video essays on pieces of modern Russia and old Russia, along with her satellite republics.  Today, they posted a piece capturing TONS of footage from Russian filmmaker Vladimir Shevchenko shortly after the reactor meltdown took place.  Warning: It's *VERY* sad - at least I was moved.

Not for the faint of heart:

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  1. Compelling story.

    I didn't know that radiation poisoning could work so fast.


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