Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back in the black! Some thoughts on Rush poker

Over the weekend, I went through a huge downswing in a single session: EIGHT (8) buy-ins over 4 hours in Rush! This spelled utter disaster to my month, although, as of the 16th's post, I've had a pretty rough go of it. Well, I'm happy to report that I'm back in the black for the month - I took in FIVE (5) buy-ins over a 1 1/2 hour session last night in Rush.

A few mental notes from this stretch:
  • It seems like I go through stretches were everyone is nutting on me; e.g. I have AK and dude flops a set almost every time.
    AK is no excuse for stacking off, but when the river makes me trips, it's a harder laydown. However, after thinking about it, is it that much harder than laying down top/top? It shouldn't be: the action prior to the river should give me caution. If a player is setting up to get stacks in by the river, he likely has me beat.
  • Cbet sizing in Rush poker is much more important than full ring.
    There is WAY more floating going on when you're betting less than 3/4 pot. For example, I got sucked out on holding KK with a board of K 7 4, when opponent rivered a runner runner AQ straight. I was betting half pot all the way to the river when he over-the-topped me for my 150BB stack with a board of K 7 4 J T.
  • Position position position
    I don't want to set myself up to play the hand awkwardly out of position. If I'm getting a good price (i.e. 2 players already in a single raised pot) to play my small pocket pairs from the blinds, then go ahead. However, don't defend the blinds from a high jack or earlier raise. I may be folding the best hand, but I'm only 50% (at best) to showdown the best hand.
  • Stats / notes in Rush
    Information on my opponent is CRITICAL. I never realized this was so true until last night. It is annoying as hell to get stats on players on the spot by looking at the notes. However, in lieu of a better solution, this will have to do. I had been defending my blinds WAY too light (which was likely a HUGE leak) against the wrong players. Prior, I'd 3bet or flat in the blinds to a steal. Now, I'm able to see who is the regular stealer and who is the 8/6 who is raising with a real hand.
  • 3Betting light in Rush
    I'm exploring this topic right now, but it seems that whenever I have AA, and 3bet (or 4bet), I get folds all around. I have to believe that there's something to it; i.e. fold to 3bet is likely pretty high at Rush, because most people assume AA / KK on a 3bet. The games have gotten a lot nittier, and a lot of the players are able to lay down QQ and below. Take advantage!

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