Friday, November 2, 2007

Stemming the tide

I haven't had time to write over the past 2 days, but my bank roll had taken a serious downward slide. I dropped from the $266 peak upon the day when I first began writing this blog, to about $220. That's a 20% drop, for those playing along at home. However, last night, I was determined to only play one buy in's worth of money ($12.50) and see where it went. I did not want to drop below $200.00. Well, I didn't come close to dropping anywhere. I started playing shorthanded (2-3 players) and got my but kicked down to about $2.00 on the table. Then I got dealt pocket QQ, against my loose player who was killing me. He, of course, called me thinking I'm on tilt. Needless to say, within about 10 hands, I was getting the better of him and my chip stack moved from $2.00 to $18.00. Although I played mostly loose poker, I hit most of my hands and won about $25.00 last night. Now I can sit down today and look at my $245.00 bank roll. Not quite $266.00, but I have no doubt that I will get back up there and surpass that near-term peak.

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