Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An invite to all bloggers - A Blogger Bitcoin Freeroll on Seals with Clubs

I would like to formally invite all bloggers to the Bitcoin Blogger Freeroll, hosted by Seals with Clubs, the world’s largest bitcoin poker website.  Seals with Clubs has been kind enough to sponsor a 500 chip freeroll (worth .5 Bitcoin) for bloggers to be held on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 5PM PST / 8PM EST.

Entrance to the tournament is simple:
1.    If you don’t already have an account with Seals with Clubs, you can sign up by following this link.
2.    Simply place the banner / picture below onto your site in the form of a post, telling your readers how you will be playing in the Bitcoin Blogger Freeroll at Seals with Clubs.  You can cross-link this site for further, detailed information if you wish.
3.    Send me a verification email with a link to your post containing the banner to
4.    Upon verification, I will send you a password to the freeroll.
5.    Please do not share this password, as it will ruin the idea of a blogger-only  freeroll.  Remember: Bryan Micon & Seals with Clubs have been kind enough to contribute all 500 chips to the freeroll, intending to give back to the blogger community!  Let's show them that the blogger community is still alive and kicking!

Details of the tournament:
1.    Name: Bitcoin Blogger Freeroll
2.  Game Type: No Limit Hold'em
3.    Date: Wednesday, February 26th
4.    Time: 5PM PST / 8PM EST
5.    Starting chips: 3000
6.    Structure: Normal
7.    Prize: 500 chips
8.  Who is invited: Anyone with a blog willing to share the Bitcoin Blogger Freeroll Logo on their site
I’m hoping that you will blog about the tournament during or afterwards, as I think it will be fun to get all of the old and new bloggers together.

What spawned this?

I read a post the other day that mentioned the Mookie / Dank.  For those who are new to the blogosphere, the Mookie (renamed the Dank) was a weekly poker tournament held on Full Tilt before the DOJ shutdown / seizure.  The intent of the tournament was to have a place where all the bloggers and their readers could meet weekly, put up their [nominal, $10] buy in and take bragging rights for the week.  Most players would blog about the play on their respective blogs, but most importantly, it was a great way to hang out and play with friends.
I’m hoping that this tournament can turn into a weekly buy-in tournament.  Perhaps we can rekindle the fire of the Mookie / Dank once again, allowing for the rivalries that we had among each other.  Depending on how the Bitcoin Blogger Freeroll turns out, Seals with Clubs has kindly offered to set up a recurring blogger tournament (buy-in to be determined).
Hope to see you there!

P.S.  Not to be modest or anything (‘cause I’ve never been known to be modest
J ), but I do have prior bragging rights of my own, as I won a Mookie / Dank twice in the past...  I was able to turn the $10 buy in into a nice little run of around $2k.  Check it out here & here (which enabled me to freeroll in the Tournament of Champions (TOC) tournament, detailed briefly here).

P.P.S.  If you'd like to find out more about Bitcoins and Bitcoin poker - transactions, how it works, etc., I put a short post together awhile ago summarizing operations.  See here & here.  Seals with Clubs has an FAQ on the site and how it operates, as well as a brief Bitcoin overview as well.

Finally, FWIW, you have an option of playing within a Windows (or Mac) software downloadable client (which is non-invasive; i.e. it does not install onto your machine - you download it, unzip it & run the executable), you can play on the website's Flash client (play within your browser), or you can play on your Android phone or tablet with their downloadable app.


  1. will the fact i wrote a highly critical post of micon a few years back still searchable on the blog upset him any? and thanks.

    1. You know, I have no idea. I would just not mention it again.

  2. Sounds great, but I have a question. The prize is 500 chips, but I have no idea what that means???

    1. 500 chips "was" worth about $500 earlier this week - precisely 1/2 of a bitcoin. The value changes on an hourly basis, so now the dollar value of 500 chips is approx. $300. The key here is no so much the current value of the BTC at the moment, but the ability to play online for something more meaningful than play chips or fake chips.

  3. Hey Poker Meister,
    We (Buddy Dank and myself) will definitely try to make the tournament, sounds great! Also, just so you know, we still play the Dank every Wednesday on Poker Stars. Yes, for play money only (unfortunately) but we still get together, drink, and broadcast the show the same as we have been doing for the past 7 years. It's a small crowd, but fun. We will plug this tournament on there and hopefully get some more players!

    1. Awesome! So happy that you guys are on board! You can refer the Dank players over to this post for the instructions.

      Looking forward to it!

  4. Not sure if my last comment went through or not...

    This sounds like a lot of fun. I've been playing on SWC for the last couple of months to get my online poker fix. Easy deposit/cashout without having to give personal info. I might even put up a post about the site on my decaying blog. :)

    Looking forward to playing a real $ blogger tourney again. Thanks for organizing it.

    1. Didn't get your last post but it's great to see you online again. Any chance you want to meet up at Tampa Hard Rock tomorrow? I'm in town for the week.

    2. Unfortunately, I'm crazy busy at work and daughter has the flu - so, no way I can swing over there right now. :(

      How do you like the games at the HR?

    3. Games are definitely different down here. There's some very loose / terrible action. I sat down for a few hours at the 2/5 table and the second hand, saw the following: $~1k stacks, [perceived tight because he's older - only second hand] seat 8 opens for $35 and BB [later find out is loose / terrible player, but still this hand is interesting] is first and only caller. Flop comes J J 6 [rainbow I think]. Checks to raiser who bets $50. BB c/r's to $250. Seat 8 calls all in. After a second of deliberation, BB calls and flips J9o vs. seat 8's QQ. Board runs clean and BB scoops a $2k pot... LOLWUT? Seat 8 put in with just an overpair for 2 buy ins? That was just some of the horrendous play I saw - and that was a HUGE mistake IMO.


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